Practice Areas

Real Estate

Phong works with clients in the Real Estate Acquisitions and Dispositions, lease drafting and negotiations with large corporations and small businesses, and Landlord/Tenant issues including evictions, rent control and property management.

There are complicated laws involved with real estate in the State of California. It is in your best interest to consult with an experienced attorney to help you understand the legal matters and figure out the best resolution to your case.

State and Local Tax

Phong assist client with issues involving sales tax at the State Board of Equalization, property and equipment tax appeals and local tax assessments with cities and counties.

Public Affairs and Community Outreach

Phong assist clients in establishing relationships and opening dialog with community stakeholders in order to create smart public policies, forge consensus, solve problems and create new opportunities.

Government Affairs

Through relationships with local stakeholders, including elected, business and community leaders, Phong guides clients through the governmental process on matters that include elected official and commission level approvals, municipal contracts, and crafting legislation.

Corporate Citizenship

Phong helps focus the charitable giving and economic development of clients into a cohesive investment strategy that supports corporate civic goals and benefits the communities in which their employees live and work. Additionally, Phong assists clients to organize and participate in events that enhance corporate citizenship.

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